Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wine Basket

If you like to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with your friends you should consider purchasing a stress releasing wine gift basket. Our wine baskets can also be customized to fit your desires. If you want chocolate, wine, and hard candy, you have the power to select all. Perfect for a picnic on a sunny day under a shady tree next to a pleasant creek. The gift basket comes complete with blanket, utensils, fruits, cheese, crackers, and your favorite red or white vino. Show your loved one you care with a gift basket from

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finals Week

With the end of the semester fast approaching, what better way to help your favorite student get through exams then by sending them a Finals Basket?

What do you think of when you hear the word "FINALS?" Do the words; stress, lack of sleep, no time, and unprepared come to mind? Relax, the Finals Basket is sure to ease your stress and will help you get prepared for the big day!

I've had a few incidents where the morning of a big test I can't find a pencil anywhere in my backpack or i buy the wrong scantron! So this won't happen to your favorite student, the basket will include a pack of #2 pencils, a variety assortment of scantrons and blue books, and some fun erasers! To ease the stress and to help the preparation for finals the basket will include items such as a stress ball, energy drinks, chocolate covered espresso beans, granola bars, an assortment of soothing teas, and some candy bars.

When your favorite student receives this basket they will be sure to thank you after they ace their final exams!
Wedding Basket

Was there ever a time where a wedding was coming up and you have no idea what to get the bride and groom. One Stop Gifts is the perfect last minute solution for you. There are items from greeting cards, tupperware, silverware, wine glasses, and many more. One Stop Gifts offers a wide range selection of gifts perfect for any event. Weddings are a monumental event and it is an event that you would love to be supportive of especially if its a friend or relative. We offer the perfect solution for a last minute gift that would be perfect for such an event. Our wide range selection would save you a headache from browsing around different sites looking for the best gift at the best price. Because we offer the best gift at the best price for any event. Check us out for the different items we offer that would be suitable to any event that is up and coming.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Mommy Gift Basket

After nine months, here comes baby! What should one bring to the hospital, once the baby arrives? Relatives, friends and husband or partners, look no further! We have a great compilation of thoughtfulness in one gift basket. There are so many things to plan for and remember when it comes to mom and baby. We take the guess work out and the stress out of what may seem a daunting task.

Our basket includes your choice of restaurant gift certificates because face it, new moms do not have the luxury of cooking! Traditionally, family and friends bring casseroles to help new mommys transition. With our gift basket, no one needs to worry about cooking. The basket includes one more gift card for a one hour massage. A mom's work is never done but when the opportunity presents itself, mom will really appreciate it. We included Murkoff's best selling book, What To Expect: The First Year, a general guide and life saver. And don't forget the chocolate! Dark chocolate is a proven mood enhancer. Mommys all over love this decadent little pick me up. Our scented votive candles set the mood and restore the nerves. Lastly, a bottle of wine for date night completes this awesomely presented gift basket.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Add More Romance to Your Love Life

Are you looking for a fun new and exciting way to spice up your love life? A sexy and intimate activity you can do is a romantic bath with your partner. Imagine a warm bubble bath with candlelight and rose petals accompanied by your favorite bottle of wine. Instead of buying every item separately, you can purchase the Lover’s Bath Basket at

This basket includes candles to surround your bathtub with; scented bubbles and oils to clean and smooth yours and your partner’s skin; scented leaves to add a delicious aroma; two masks for facials; Your choice of favorite wine or sparkling cider, and favorite chocolates. It even includes a small rubber ducky!

This is the perfect gift for you and your lover. Now you can add an extra surprise to your anniversary night, Valentines Day, or the trip you always talked about going on. The Lover’s Bath Basket is the perfect ending to a romantic night.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Graduation Gifts

With May fast approaching, there will be thousands of new graduates hitting the job market and finding a new path in life. As a parent or friend of an upcoming graduate, what would be some great gift ideas to help out a fledging career finder?

A personalized plaque for their diploma would be a great start. That small piece of paper represents a lot of years and hard work, a nice engraved frame with a special message is a great present to any graduate. Resumes, interviews, appointments, there are lots of things to do in search of the career of your dreams. Presentation is highly important when interviewing for a job. Along with a plaque that rewards their commitment some other items to help them along their job search are portfolios, business cards, ties, and tie clips. A nice leather portfolio is vital in keeping resumes crisp and looking professional along with business cards. There are only so many suits one can own, but ties allow for a great customized look and a tie clip gives an added professional touch.

As spring approaches and graduations looming in the horizon a great gift package can be a great help. Good luck to all the new graduates!


Spring Has Sprung

The sun is shining, the air is crisp and the birds are singing. Spring is now fully upon us. It has always been the time of year for renewal, change and a fresh start. Now that spring break has passed and graduations are approaching quickly, it is a time of change for many of us.

But just because the break is over doesn't mean the fun has to end! No, at One Stop Gifts we have plenty of fun gift baskets to bring in the new season, brighten your mood or keep your soon-to-be graduate motivated through these final college weeks.

Stop by our website to view our catalog of arrangements or build your own custom-themed basket that suits your needs!